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Community Development District Overview

The Viera East Community Development District is a local, special purpose government entity authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes as amended, and created by ordinance of Brevard County as an alternative method of planning, acquiring, operating and maintaining community-wide improvements in planned communities. A CDD provides the "solution" to Florida’s need to provide valuable community infrastructure generated by growth, ultimately without overburdening other governments and their taxpaying residents. Community Development Districts represent a major advancement in Florida’s effort to manage its growth effectively and efficiently. This allows a developer to establish higher construction standards, meanwhile providing a long-term solution to the operation and maintenance of the community’s facilities.
Retention Ponds/Preserves

The Viera East Community Development District (CDD) is responsible for maintenance of all retention ponds and preserve areas within our neighborhoods.  Please contact the CDD at 639-2355 for questions related to these areas.  Further information can be found at the CDD website:

Trees in the Right-Of-Way
Homeowners should be aware of the current Association policy regarding trees planted in the right-of-way.  If a live oak tree is damaged by storms or disease and dies, it should be removed.  However, it may not be replaced because the county no longer allows live oaks to be planted in the right-of-way.  If a live oak tree in the right-of-way damages the sidewalk, the county will repair the sidewalk.  However, they may also offer to remove the offending tree to prevent future damage to the sidewalk or street.  The County is requiring a Hold Harmless Agreement for proof that they only removed trees that the owners wanted removed. 

The County will remove an oak tree if requested by the homeowner.  The current Association policy is that when a live oak is removed, residents of Templeton and Somerville may not replace it with another tree or any other planting.  Residents of Bennington may replace the oak only with a Washingtonia Palm.

Solar Energy

Interested in Solar Energy?  Several VOVE residents are currently enjoying the advantages of Solar Energy.  To learn more you can contact Ron Yanko, former Board Pres., through this website (  Ron installed Solar panels on his home in the summer of 2017.  ALSO much information is available from the Space Coast Solar Co-op here:  Check it out!


Please help us keep Viera a pet friendly community by cleaning up after your pet and keeping them under control.  There has been an increase in reported unleashed dogs.  You must leash and control your dog at all times.  And remember, this applies along Clubhouse Drive as well as Clubhouse Park and inside the neighborhoods.

Please lock your vehicle at all times when parked outside of the garage and NEVER leave any valuables including your garage door opener in the vehicle.  Report all suspicious activity to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office immediately. Non emergency dispatch is 321-633-7162, option #4.
Golf Carts
The Viera Company recently published an overview of the rules and regulations for the operation of golf carts in Viera.  CLICK HERE to view Viera Golf Cart rules.

Alligator Safety Tips

The Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission suggests these safety tips concerning alligators:  

  • Don't bother them and usually they won't bother you
  • Don't swim outside posted swimming areas or in waters that might contain large alligators and swim with a partner.
  • Don't swim at night.
  • Don't feed alligators. It's against the law and causes gators to lose their natural fear of humans.
  • Don't throw fish scraps into the water or along the shore.
  • Don't allow dogs to swim in areas used by gators. Every year, many dogs are attacked and killed by alligators.
  • Don't kill, harass or attempt to move an alligator. It is protected by law.
  • Don't try to make a pet of a gator.
  • Don't play with baby alligators. The mother probable is nearby.

Feeding an alligator is a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 and/or 60 days in jail.

Killing one is a third-degree felony punishable by a fine of up to $5000 and/or 5 years in jail.

Alligator emergency #: 1-800-342-9620  (24 hours)